frequently asked QUESTIONs


what is an ICON image?

ICON IMAGEs are images that have gotten 100 or more likes by you all on the images we feature on IG! Your LIKEs choose these images, not us! So be sure you give a double tap to all the images you love!


The FIRST 3 MAGAZINES of each calendar year are OPEN image submissions, meaning no themes, you choose what to submit. This allows you to submit your BEST WORK! The more images you submit the better your odds are of getting published. Limit is 20 images per issue.

what does ICON image MAGAZINE mean?

ICON IMAGE editions are filled with the BEST OF THE BEST!!! Filled with ONLY ICON images! (as chosen by you, your LIKES count!!) ICON editions are published just ONCE A YEAR!

are ICON images automatically included in the ICON edition MAGAZINEs?

NO!! Images on IG are low res files and should never be used for printing. You MUST submit your ICON images, follow the image submission instructions on the tab in the navigation bar.