HOW seniorMUSE works


IG feature

INSTAGRAM is where it all starts!!! Tag us or use hashtag #seniorMUSE for IG feature consideration….

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ICON images

These are images we feature that receive 100 or more LIKEs from you all, our followers. So you guys choose these images by simply double tapping images you like!

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MAGAZINE submissions

We publish 4 MAGAZINEs each year (schedule is below).

The first 3 MAGAZINEs of the each year are Photographer’s Choice MAGAZINEs. No themes or requirements, so that you can always choose your BEST WORK to submit! The more images you submit the better your odds are of getting published. Limit is 20 images per issue.

The 4th issue of the year is for ICON images ONLY.

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ICON Edition submissions

ICON images make up their own SPECIAL MAGAZINE!! The 4th and final MAGAZINE of the year is filled with ONLY ICON images!!! We notify photographers every Monday who has reached ICON status! You will be given an image number for the image, and then YOU MUST SUBMIT your ICON images for MAGAZINE publication!!

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ARTICLE submissions

If you like to write or have written articles that are informational, fashion, hair &/or makeup, inspirational, or any good stuff of interest to SENIORs and/or senior PHOTOGRAPHERs, we want to know about them!! Simply submit your articles on navigation bar submission tab.